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Eric Trundy


Eric Trundy is A stand-up comedy veteran with over a decade of experience touring top clubs all over the country and sharing stages with the biggest names in comedy. Originally from just outside of Boston, now a proud North Carolinian, a rare animal - a southerner with a thick northern accent. Eric’s childhood was anything but typical (at least we hope it wasn’t typical for your sake.) The 3rd child of 4 in a very diverse group of humans who were raised by lunatics raised by lunatics who were raised by lunatics etc. (you get it, multi-generational lunacy). Eric somehow survived his hometown and all the shenanigans that come with being raised half the time in a neighborhood as the only blonde haired blue eyed person within miles of his home, while spending the other half in the typical Irish catholic blue collar Wicked pissah, pahk the cah at Havaaahd yard, Good Will Hunting neighborhoods that you’re picturing right now.

Eric became a father at the ripe old age of 18 years old, and a single father of 3 at age 24, he then woke up and decided to do comedy at age 35 after realizing that he had been sleepwalking for almost 20 years. Walking away from his mildly decently paying job and life, to live in various vehicles while chasing the ability to perform the art he grew up loving and here we are. Reading his comedy bio. Look at us. Eric’s act is equal parts delightfully honest and painfully funny, he shares his experiences as openly as anyone possibly could. With the ability to treat the silliest of topics with importance, while at the same time handling the most important things in his life with Ph.D.-level silliness. Host and producer of “Never Been Happier” a popular and irreverent talk show-styled podcast based around deep conversations, filled with sketches, crying, and puppets. NBH is produced and edited with careful precision and delicate touches of humor mixed with important messages

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