Improv Comedy

The Idiot Box hosts award-winning improvisational comedy every weekend.


Inspired by suggestions from their audiences, The Idiot Box comes up with all of their scenes and games on the spot- no script, no rehearsal, no net. From King Midas to George Washington playing hockey on a rink made of jell-o, there's nothing the Idiot Box can't (and usually won't) do.


The Idiot Box improv team is run by Jennie Stencel and Steve Lesser- two improvisers with over 40 years of combined improv comedy experience.


On Saturdays we offer a line up of Improv.  Check out our ticket links for upcoming improv shows!  


Hire Us!

Company holiday party coming up? Club event? The Idiot Box would love to be a part of your social gathering. We can host your function at our location on South Elm Street or on-site, wherever you are.  We offer both improv performances and workshops. Contact us here for more information.