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Jennie Stencel


Jennie Stencel has that certain something. The French call it “Je ne sai quoi”, which literally translates to “I don’t know what”. It’s a combination of class, charm and confidence. Maybe it’s her smile, or the way she laughs along with the audience at certain jokes. Maybe it’s her assertive personality, her likable stage presence, or her years of experience in the performance arts. Maybe it’s her stream of consciousness joke telling style that rambles in an adorable way, or how she mixes in an assortment of voices to spice up her delivery. Maybe it’s all of these things, or none of them at all. But it is something. And it makes her show compelling.

Jennie is no stranger to the spotlight. She was a reporter in both Winston Salem and San Antonio. She was an improv artist for 26 years and started performing stand up in 2013. On stage she talks about parenting, her kids, black lady magic and women growing facial hair as they age. She even talks about taking acid on her 40th birthday. She is nothing if not diverse.

Jennie has worked on the other side of the microphone as well. She is the owner of The Idiot Box Comedy Club and the creator and Executive Producer of the North Carolina Comedy Festival. She also has acting credits, appearing in several commercials as well as being featured in “Uncle Otto’s Truck”, a short film adaptation of a Stephen King story. She is probably best known for her hilarious viral videos as a traffic reporter, however, including the dubious hit, “The Traffic Rap.” In addition to being a finalist in the Carolina Funniest Comedy Competition, Jennie has made her rounds on the festival circuit. She was a finalist at the She Devil Comedy Festival and was chosen to perform at Big Pine Comedy Festival. Other appearances include the Memphis Comedy Festival, Lady Laughs Comedy Festival, Queen City Comedy Fest and Cola Comedy Con. In her nine years as a stand up, Jennie has traveled extensively throughout the United States, performing at some of the top clubs. She was chosen to open for some of the most notable comedians of today, including Brian Posehn, Todd Glass, Greg Proops, Eddie Ifft and Sasheer Zamata. Her style is diverse enough to complement any type of act and she is a welcome addition to any show. Jennie Stencel is a unique voice in a sea of copycats. Some would say she beats to her own drum, or some other tired cliché. Call it what you will. She is spontaneous, witty and captivating. If you see her on the lineup, check her out. You never know what to expect, and she is always worth the cost of admission.

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